Four new skilled employees for ILFA’s PCB production

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We survived Halloween, we also changed the clock and then suddenly it was Monday again. And we were already looking forward to it, because we were able to welcome four new skilled workers for our PCB production in Hannover-Anderten.

To ensure that our new colleagues quickly find their way around and can really get started, they are given everything they need for good onboarding: This begins with individual familiarization plans, the provision of all necessary work equipment, integration into a team and the appointment of specialist contacts for the new colleagues.

We always take a lot of time, especially for the induction phase: Who has to train the new colleagues and when? Which stations are to be passed through specifically? Does the new employee need special support given his or her professional or technical background? In which team will he or she work and is everyone there informed? We leave nothing to chance and are always very well prepared. It’s not for nothing that our company slogan is “We care for connections”.

With this, we wish our new colleagues a great and successful start in their new field of work! We can promise one thing in advance: It will definitely not be boring with us!