The right job for me? Practice days at ILFA

You have found a job within our production on our career page, but you don’t know if the job suits you? We have a pragmatic solution: You apply for a position and after positive feedback from our HR department, you can complete a “practice day” with us at short notice. You work for around 3 hours in the position for which you have applied and can “get a feel” for the job and everyday working life with us.

2 workers at ILFA PCB production
worker on testing a pcb layout

You will be accompanied by our experienced colleagues and thus directly experience how our PCB production works. Of course, we will coordinate the date for the practical day together with you. After the short practical assignment, you will receive feedback from us within a week. If your ideas and skills are a good match, you will receive feedback at short notice and can then start with us at the same short notice.

job positions at ILFA

Does that sound good to you? Then take a look at our current vacancies for production and see if we have something suitable for you. We look forward to receiving your application!