ILFA and other industry representatives from Lower Saxony visit Lower Saxony’s Economics Minister Olaf Lies

In mid-February 2024, a delegation of high-profile business representatives accepted the invitation from Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Construction, Transport and Digitalisation, Olaf Lies, to discuss current economic issues. The guest house of the Lower Saxony state government in Hanover provided an appropriate setting to jointly develop requirements for a resilient Lower Saxony economy.

Future-proof with a dual study programme – ILFA offers two dual study programmes in cooperation

Choosing a career is not easy these days. There are numerous options open to young people, and deciding whether it would be better to study is not exactly trivial. Numerous dual study programmes have therefore emerged as a good combination option. As a PCB manufacturer, we can first of all confirm that an apprenticeship or a job in the electrical industry offers the best future prospects and development opportunities.

Christmas barbecue at ILFA

Shortly before Christmas, it was finally time to organise a joint event for all ILFA employees. It was to be a joint Christmas barbecue and so we quickly decorated our foyer and parts of the outdoor area, got the barbecues out, organised meat, vegetarian dishes, salads and much more and spent a few enjoyable hours together.

The Future of the European PCB Industry: Challenges and Opportunities with ILFA CEO Thomas Michels

Our CEO Thomas Michels gives a detailed insight into the PCB industry and highlights challenges and opportunities, such as efforts to relocate production facilities and the battle to remain competitive in the global market. It looks at changing trends among customers, the role of the ZVEI in promoting the importance of the microelectronics ecosystem and the urgent need for balanced government support.

ZVEI Semiconductor Summit: MICROELECTRONICS FOR FUTURE 2023 and a heart for the printed circuit board

The ZVEI e.V. Semiconductor Summit took place in Berlin on 8 November 2023. Numerous top representatives from politics, science and industry took part in the event and discussed the topic of “How do we create a strong microelectronics ecosystem in Europe?”. Opportunities as well as challenges for the entire supply chain were highlighted, with high-calibre contributions and keynotes from the participants and, of course, plenty of room for networking and the exchange of ideas.

ILFA at the training fair of IGS Bothfeld

The integrated comprehensive school (IGS) Bothfeld organised an internal training fair for the second time on 12.10.2023, which was aimed at grades 9 to 13. In addition to ILFA, around 40 regional companies presented themselves, offering a wide range of opportunities for training or studying after leaving school. With our training officers Peter Schittek and Ismail Uckun, we also showed the range of our entry opportunities at ILFA and presented, among other things, the professions of machine and plant operator, industrial clerk or electronics technician for industrial engineering.

Trainees to become electrical engineering assistants (ETA) develop their own circuit board layout at ILFA

Training to become an electrotechnical assistant is a two-year, initial vocational training programme that is conducted at a vocational school and includes a four-week internship. Our two trainees Johanna and Nikola attend the Berufsbildende Schule Metalltechnik – Elektrotechnik (bbs-me) of the Hanover region for the training and have each secured a traineeship at ILFA. There they learn everything about the production of the printed circuit board and design their own printed circuit board layout for their project work.