Reorganisation of the ILFA Management Board

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From left to right: Martin Soethe, Robert Loboja, Athanasios Kallinis and Sandra Passeyer together form the management of ILFA GmbH

Since the beginning of June 2024, the management team at ILFA has been expanded and reorganised. We welcome back Athanasios Kallinis, who as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) is responsible for the entire technical area at ILFA. As CSO (Chief Sales Officer), Robert Loboja is in charge of all sales activities and, together with Martin Soethe and Sandra Passeyer, is responsible for the entire commercial area. As COO (Chief Operation Officer), Sandra Passeyer is responsible for the operational business. Martin Soethe has also been appointed to the Executive Board and, as CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), is responsible for human resources at ILFA.

Together with Thomas Michels (CEO), Robert Loboja, Athanasios Kallinis, Sandra Passeyer and Martin Soethe will steer ILFA GmbH and continue to put the organisation on a future-proof course. We are delighted with the reorganisation and wish the management team every success with their tasks and challenges!

Thomas Michels is the managing director and strategic head of ILFA GmbH
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