Students from Leibniz Universität Hannover on an excursion to ILFA

A total of 16 students set off in mid-May with their professor and a research assistant to visit us at ILFA and take a close look at our production. The students from Leibniz Universität Hannover are enrolled on the nanotechnology degree programme, which they will complete with a Master of Science degree. Two of our colleagues were there exclusively for the students on the day, giving presentations, practical insights and, of course, a detailed tour of our production facilities.

Support for the domestic PCB industry: ILFA strongly supports EIPC initiative

The network is joining forces with an open letter, which is initially addressed to all member companies of the EIPC (European Institute for the PCB Community). In an urgent appeal to European government representatives to do more for domestic PCB manufacturers, the current situation of the PCB industry is highlighted and the importance of PCB as a basic technology is emphasised.

ILFA invests in new CF 200 high-vacuum plugging machine from I.T.C. Intercircuit

During the IPC APEX Expo 2024 in Anaheim, California, we awarded I.T.C. Intercircuit, one of the leading suppliers of equipment for the PCB industry, the contract for a new plugging machine. The CF 200 high-vacuum plugging machine is a real innovation: filling and cleaning take place in just one fully air-conditioned chamber, and through-holes and blind holes on both sides of the PCB are filled in a single operation.

Trade and in-house production of printed circuit boards: The best of both worlds at ILFA

The ILFA business model combines the best of both worlds for its customers: The in-house production of complex printed circuit boards in Hanover as well as the trade with printed circuit boards from controlled external production. Our Asian partners are personally qualified by our own local office in Shenzhen. Regular audits ensure consistent material quality and smooth production processes. From small batch sizes for samples to large series, we can fulfil any request. This makes us particularly interesting for all electronics companies that do not have their own contacts in Asia.

ILFA and other industry representatives from Lower Saxony visit Lower Saxony’s Economics Minister Olaf Lies

In mid-February 2024, a delegation of high-profile business representatives accepted the invitation from Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Construction, Transport and Digitalisation, Olaf Lies, to discuss current economic issues. The guest house of the Lower Saxony state government in Hanover provided an appropriate setting to jointly develop requirements for a resilient Lower Saxony economy.

Future-proof with a dual study programme – ILFA offers two dual study programmes in cooperation

Choosing a career is not easy these days. There are numerous options open to young people, and deciding whether it would be better to study is not exactly trivial. Numerous dual study programmes have therefore emerged as a good combination option. As a PCB manufacturer, we can first of all confirm that an apprenticeship or a job in the electrical industry offers the best future prospects and development opportunities.

Christmas barbecue at ILFA

Shortly before Christmas, it was finally time to organise a joint event for all ILFA employees. It was to be a joint Christmas barbecue and so we quickly decorated our foyer and parts of the outdoor area, got the barbecues out, organised meat, vegetarian dishes, salads and much more and spent a few enjoyable hours together.