Technologies and processes at ILFA: Sophisticated HDI design in PCB production

The requirement for high circuit densities in combination with short signal paths and low space requirements can be realised in PCB production with so-called HDI PCBs. HDI stands for “High Density Interconnect” and, as a relatively new technology, plays an important role for ILFA GmbH in the fulfilment of demanding customer requirements. In the following article, we present a sequential structure with 6 electrical layers. The customer requirement included 50 µm line/space on all layers, in combination with 300 µm BGA pitch on the outer layers, as well as a smallest pad diameter of 150 µm.

ILFA relies on inductively heated laminating press InduBond X-Press 360

At first there was only a large heavy-duty crane on our premises, then the truck arrived. And it was a big one: it brought our new InduBond X-Press 360 laminating press directly from Barcelona, Spain. With a weight of around 14 tonnes, a special team was needed to support us with the logistics: the company Schwarze Spezialtransporte has already supported us several times and once again did an excellent job with millimetre precision.