The Future of the European PCB Industry: Challenges and Opportunities with ILFA CEO Thomas Michels

Our CEO Thomas Michels gives a detailed insight into the PCB industry and highlights challenges and opportunities, such as efforts to relocate production facilities and the battle to remain competitive in the global market. It looks at changing trends among customers, the role of the ZVEI in promoting the importance of the microelectronics ecosystem and the urgent need for balanced government support.

ZVEI Semiconductor Summit: MICROELECTRONICS FOR FUTURE 2023 and a heart for the printed circuit board

The ZVEI e.V. Semiconductor Summit took place in Berlin on 8 November 2023. Numerous top representatives from politics, science and industry took part in the event and discussed the topic of “How do we create a strong microelectronics ecosystem in Europe?”. Opportunities as well as challenges for the entire supply chain were highlighted, with high-calibre contributions and keynotes from the participants and, of course, plenty of room for networking and the exchange of ideas.