ZVEI Semiconductor Summit: MICROELECTRONICS FOR FUTURE 2023 and a heart for the printed circuit board

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The ZVEI e.V. Semiconductor Summit took place in Berlin on 8 November 2023. Numerous top representatives from politics, science and industry took part in the event and discussed the topic of “How do we create a strong microelectronics ecosystem in Europe?”. Opportunities and challenges for the entire supply chain were highlighted, with high-calibre contributions and keynotes from the participants and, of course, plenty of room for networking and the exchange of ideas. In addition to semiconductors, which are currently dominating the discussion on microelectronics, the topic of printed circuit boards was not to be missed. ILFA CEO Thomas Michels also contributed a keynote speech and gave valuable insights into how, for example, “More resilience for the production site” can be created. Of course, he also made a plea for more support for German PCB manufacturers.

ZVEI President Dr Gunther Kegel at the welcoming speech at the Semiconductor Summit in Berlin
Thomas Michels (CEO ILFA), Margret Gleiniger (CEO KSG) and Nicolas Schweizer (Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Schweizer AG) in close contact for the printed circuit board
Thomas Michels in dialogue with participants at the ZVEI summit
The F.A.Z. Atrium in Berlin
Tilman Kuban, Member of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag
Christiane Benner, First Chairwoman, IG Metall
Thomas Michels is actively and passionately committed to the PCB industry

In addition to the numerous contributions and panel discussions, there was also a joint event in the F.A.Z. Atrium in the evening, which provided plenty of space for informal talks and further discussions. The Semiconductor Summit was a successful and important event for highlighting the needs of the entire microelectronics supply chain and generating awareness. However, there was also broad agreement among the participants that politicians in particular need to develop and implement further measures in order to sustainably promote Germany as a production location.

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