ILFA offers its employees the D-Ticket Hannover Job at a reduced price

Since its introduction in May 2023, ILFA has also been offering its employees the D-Ticket Hannover Job, which can be used in combination for the daily commute but also for journeys throughout Germany. The special feature here: ILFA pays an employer subsidy of €12.25 and thus bears around 25% of the costs per ticket. A further subsidy from the GVH and the Hannover Region means that the employee only has to pay €30.40 per month – making the D-Ticket Hannover Job significantly cheaper than the previous regular job ticket.

ILFA Kirchheimbolanden branch celebrates together at the 71st Residence Festival

The 71st Residenzfest took place in Kirchheimbolanden in mid-August. The wine festival, in the ambience of the historic towers and city walls, was awarded the title of the most beautiful wine festival in the Palatinate in 2017. The employees of ILFA’s Kirchheimbolanden branch did not want to miss out on this festivity and celebrated there with colleagues from TCLAD Europe and Brain4PCB.