ILFA’s “Team Training” advertises for future starters in the BiZ Hanover

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On November 8th, the Hanover Career Information Center (BiZ) organized a training fair for all future starters. Around 60 companies from the region presented themselves to young people who are interested in a training or internship position. Of course, we were also there with our “Training Team” and presented our apprenticeships and the opportunities at ILFA. With the professions of machine and plant operator, electronics engineer for industrial technology and industrial clerk, we offer three exciting apprenticeships for beginners in addition to our dual study programs.

Alongside around 60 other companies, ILFA presented its apprenticeships at the BiZ Hannover

We were particularly pleased that there was already a certain level of awareness of ILFA among the approximately 900-1,000 students. Our training team was able to provide information directly about the vacant training positions; there was no need for a broad company introduction. Around 50-60 students were directly interested in training or an internship with us, took information material with them and spoke extensively with the “Training Team” at ILFA.

During the half-day event, around 900-1,000 students were on site and obtained extensive information

The event period was therefore an entertaining pleasure for everyone involved. The organization was excellent and in addition to the numerous student discussions, we also made a few interesting contacts with other regional companies with whom we want to stay in touch. Maybe there will be a few exciting starting points for a cooperation in the area of ​​“trainee acquisition”. Next year we will attend some training fairs again and make our offering even better known.

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