The Future of the European PCB Industry: Challenges and Opportunities with ILFA CEO Thomas Michels

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Our CEO Thomas Michels gives a detailed insight into the PCB industry and highlights challenges and opportunities, such as efforts to relocate production facilities and the battle to remain competitive in the global market. It looks at changing trends among customers, the role of the ZVEI in promoting the importance of the microelectronics ecosystem and the urgent need for balanced government support. It will also look at recruitment barriers in the industry and how ILFA, for example, is overcoming these through training programmes and internal growth opportunities.

Thomas Michels also talks about the digital transformation in manufacturing and provides insights into the benefits of automation, ranging from increased efficiency to improved quality control and reduced human intervention. Thomas Michels also represents the concerns and needs of the industry in Berlin and Brussels, making him an inspirational figure in the electronics industry.

The interview was conducted by Philip Stoten (founder of SCOOP). PCB@C-Level was generously hosted by Adeon technologies at productronica 2023.

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