Uniting for Resilience: Advocacy and Strategy in Europe’s EMS and PCB Industries

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On the sidelines of APEX 2024 in Anaheim, California, ILFA CEO Thomas Michels and Xaver Feiner (Vice President Marketing & Sales at Zollner Elektronik AG) were in conversation with Philip Stoten for SCOOP tv. Together, they outline the steps needed to ensure the resilience of the European supply chain. They point out the critical role of PCBs and electronic manufacturing services in the European supply chain of electronics manufacturers and highlight the market power of Asian manufacturers against them. By pooling interests, joint action by interest groups such as the EIPC, ZVEI and IPC and political influence, it has been possible to raise awareness of the issue. For example, a joint “letter of urgency” is currently being drafted by the member companies of the EIPC, which is addressed to the European Parliament and the heads of state and government of the European countries. In it, they propose concrete measures and concerted actions to ensure the growth and resilience of the industry. It is clear how important it is to join forces, but also that politicians are increasingly listening to the issue.

The interview is part of the EMS@C-Level series, in which Philip Stoten regularly provides in-depth insights into the electronics industry and gives industry experts and decision-makers a chance to have their say. The current episode with Thomas Michels and Franz Xaver Feiner was sponsored by Koh Young, the world’s leading testing company for electronic components, and Launchpad.build, the specialist for adaptable automation.

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