Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day Future Day 2024 at ILFA

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25 April 2024 was once again the nationwide Future Day for girls and boys in school years 5 – 9. Of course, we also offered places again and welcomed twelve girls and boys who wanted to get a taste of PCB production at ILFA for a day.

Twelve girls and boys were our guests and were able to spend an entertaining day with us

The twelve girls and boys were supervised by our colleagues Nicole Matthias, Vasco Horn, Alexander Schwindt and Peter Schittek. After a welcome and introduction round for everyone, the young people were given general information about printed circuit boards before things got exciting. This was followed by a quiz rally through the entire company, in which various tasks and questions had to be solved. This involved proactively approaching one or two employees and asking for help.

The quiz rally went through all departments
The young people learnt about our company in a playful way

In the practical task that followed, everyone made their own digital reaction meter. Various components had to be soldered onto a circuit board, with assistance of course. At the end, everyone was allowed to take their reaction meter home with them and small competitions were held at our premises. Of course, all the impressions also make you hungry and thirsty, which is why there was pizza for everyone. Of course, we also thought of a few sweets and plenty of drinks. Our CEO Thomas Michels also took the opportunity to look over the girls’ and boys’ shoulders and ask them about their interests and what they could imagine doing for a living.

When soldering the components, fingertip sensitivity was required
With pizza, sweets, drinks and lots of fun, the Future Day was an entertaining event

The children’s initial shyness was quickly forgotten and they confidently asked questions, discovered their soldering skills and moved safely through our production. We definitely enjoyed the day again and are already looking forward to next year, when we will once again be able to welcome numerous young and curious people. Bright-eyed children and grateful parents are a good sign for us that we did everything right again this year and that the Future Day was a complete success for everyone involved.

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