Support for the domestic PCB industry: ILFA strongly supports EIPC initiative

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The network is joining forces with an open letter, which is initially addressed to all member companies of the EIPC (European Institute for the PCB Community). In an urgent appeal to European government representatives to do more for domestic PCB manufacturers, the current situation of the PCB industry is highlighted and the importance of PCB as a basic technology is emphasised.

All member companies are invited to take a stand and sign the letter. Joining forces increases the impact and gives the industry more weight. The aim of the initiative is to generate as much attention for printed circuit boards as semiconductor technology has received. The aim is to call for more support and an improvement in market conditions through far-reaching political measures. These include competitive energy prices for manufacturing companies, a reform of customs law in order to eliminate system-related disadvantages compared to Asian manufacturers and easier access to capital in order to be able to invest more in this country. State guarantees, for example, would be conceivable here.

At ILFA, we naturally support the EIPC’s initiative, sign the letter and consistently drive forward our own efforts on this topic. And of course we call on all market players to also proactively support the initiative.

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