Future day for girls and boys at ILFA

We welcomed a total of twelve young people on Girls’ and Boys’ Day, the day of the future. They were able to prove themselves in practice, solve a rally with various tasks together and thus also take an intensive look behind the scenes at ILFA. It was an entertaining day for all participants, boredom was guaranteed! The day started with a round of introductions and a safety briefing so that the girls and boys could move around safely in our production.

ILFA presents apprenticeships at the Peter Ustinov School

The Peter-Ustinov-Schule is a secondary school with around 250 pupils in Hannover-Ricklingen. In grades 9-10, it offers a practical vocational focus with measures for career orientation and vocational training and prepares young people either for vocational training or for secondary school. We took the opportunity to present ourselves as a company with our apprenticeship occupations to two graduating classes.

30 years with ILFA: Annett Linz-Buchholz

The year 1993: in the charts right now were Culture Beat with Mr. Vain, Haddaway with What is Love and Meat Love with I’d do anything for Love. In addition, Annett joined ILFA in that year in the PCB production and has stayed until today. Of course, this gave us a good reason to celebrate this anniversary in a fitting manner: with colleagues, a small snack, flowers and many shared memories from the past years.

IPC PCB Industry Meeting on 13 April in Brussels

Under the auspices of the IPC, influential electronics companies and EU government representatives met in Brussels on 13 April 2023 to welcome the upcoming adoption of the European Chips Act. During a panel discussion, Thomas Michels, CEO of ILFA GmbH, and members of Eurocircuits, Zollner Elektronik AG and KATEK GROUP, among others, discussed appropriate measures to ensure greater resilience and sustainable profitability for European electronics manufacturing.

New addition to the machine park: ILFA invests in Schmoll drilling and milling machine A-RMXY2-60S-CCD

Our latest addition to our machinery and equipment is used in our department for drilling and milling technology (BFT): The A-RMXY2-60S-CCD from Schmoll Maschinen GmbH. With its performance and equipment, the drilling and milling machine is also a real high-end solution in other respects. We are only the second PCB manufacturer in Europe to use this machine with numerous additional applications in production.

For highest precision in multilayer technology: ILFA invests in DIS bonding system

And once again we have received new machinery for our production in Hanover. In the area of multilayer technology, we are now supported by an FLX bonding system from DIS. It enables pinless alignment of multilayers, rigid and rigid-flex PCBs. Two different processes take place in one unit: Layer-to-layer alignment and bonding of layers. This process eliminates the additional tolerances associated with pin lamination and thus helps us achieve more precision, especially for high layer multilayers.

New addition to ILFA’s machine park: UCE DES line

The latest addition to our machine park required a total of three overseas containers, which were delivered and unloaded within one day. You could already guess that the new wet machine would be big, and that’s how it turned out: The DES line from the Asian manufacturer UCE has a total length of 23 meters. We had previously carried out some conversion work in the area so that the line could be optimally integrated into our production.

ILFA receives recertification as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

In order to enjoy privileges under customs law as an Authorized Economic Operator, an extensive audit by customs is required. We recently received recertification and are thus once again officially allowed to carry the AEO logo. This allows us to document to the outside world that we are particularly reliable in both import and export. Due to reduced controls and preferential treatment in customs clearance, the international exchange of goods is accelerated and simplified for us and our economic operators.