Christmas barbecue at ILFA

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Shortly before Christmas, it was finally time to organise a joint event for all ILFA employees. It was to be a joint Christmas barbecue and so we quickly decorated our foyer and parts of the outdoor area, got the barbecues out, organised meat, vegetarian dishes, salads and much more and spent a few enjoyable hours together.

At 4 p.m. sharp on a Friday, we all finished work together, warmed up the mulled wine and got the barbecues going. It was the starting signal, so to speak, for our Christmas barbecue, where a large number of colleagues came together to toast and reflect on 2023.

One or two colleagues proved their previously unknown qualities at the barbecue and cooked meat, sausages and vegetarian dishes (strictly separately, of course!) to perfection. The employees came together from three locations, with our colleague Steven Xie probably travelling the furthest at around 8,950 kilometres, as he is normally based in Shenzhen, China.

The hours together flew by and there was a lot of laughter and chatting. Our next party is due to start again soon – there are always occasions to celebrate and it’s a welcome change for our colleagues. It was a great event for everyone involved and our colleague Steven Xie has now returned home safely. During his stay with us in Germany, he enjoyed one or two regional specialities.

Steven tests his way through Germany’s culinary diversity

Thank you for a lovely Christmas barbecue and for the good organisation!

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