ILFA collects donations in kind for Ukraine

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We at ILFA also want to make our contribution and support the people from Ukraine, whose homeland is currently threatened and destroyed by war. By means of a list, we called for urgently needed items within the company and made them available for a joint donation in kind. And quite a lot came together: We sorted and packed numerous hygiene articles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, dishwashing detergents, diapers and soaps into individual boxes.

Our packed donations in kind
Packed and ready for delivery
packed an ready for delivery
Our donations in kind for Ukraine

We also urgently needed and collected numerous items such as candles, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, blankets, batteries and items for wound care. Helping becomes a duty, so to speak, and it is really great to see our colleagues getting involved and everyone getting what they can.

three cars loaded to the brim
We have three cars loaded to the brim
Logistics of donations in kind
Logistics of donations in kind in the exhibition hall

We loaded a total of three cars to the roof and handed over the donations in kind to the Ukrainian Association in Lower Saxony, which, with the help of numerous volunteers, received, sorted and forwarded the goods in one of the exhibition halls on Hanover’s trade fair grounds. However, many of our colleagues go above and beyond this, taking in refugees, making private donations or also volunteering their time.

Helping does good and we hope that our small contribution will also bring a little comfort and relief to the Ukrainians!

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