Start of training: Three new trainees at ILFA

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We are pleased to announce that three new apprentices started their training with us on 1 August 2022. Two young men will start as machine and plant operators (metal and plastics technology) and one of the new young colleagues will begin training as an industrial clerk. The training will last 2 years each, or 2.5 years shortened for the commercial training.

The three trainees after the first days of their induction phase

The trainees each have an individual training plan that gradually leads them into all the departments relevant to them. In the process, they learn the skills needed to successfully master the requirements of their chosen profession later on.

The first day started with the safety briefing, a handling training, the ILFA onboarding, the obligatory production tour and a lot of additional information about the training. A few pizzas had to be ordered for the lunch break in order to process the many impressions. On the second day, there were already the first smaller tasks in production and the ILFA trainee rally. The trainees had to answer 30 questions in a team, which led them to the different departments. To find the answers to the questions, they have to independently investigate, explore and ask the employees.

In the further familiarisation phase, they are given their first tasks in our various departments, where they spend 1-2 weeks at a time, slowly getting to know the company, the products and the colleagues. We wish our trainees a lot of fun and success during their training. If there are any questions, problems or suggestions: We are all here for you!

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