ILFA commissions new plasma system: Boffotto P15V-E9

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It’s another tick we can add to our investment planning: Our new plasma system was delivered and commissioned at the beginning of July. The Boffotto P15V-E9 is a “high volume” plasma processing system that processes rigid, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs at high speed. Hard-to-wet and hard-to-bond surfaces are activated, carbon residue or other contaminants in PCB holes are removed and inner layers are prepared for improved adhesion.

Delivery and unloading of the plasma system at ILFA
The scope of delivery of the system is considerable

The delivery and installation was carried out by Adeon Technologies B.V., one of the leading distributors and full-service providers for the European PCB industry. We have worked with Adeon Technologies on several occasions and always appreciate the professional services they provide on site.

The installation and commissioning was carried out by Adeon Technologies B.V.

The new plasma system features a very compact and space-saving design. The vertical loading concept and the use of simple loading carts minimise idle times, resulting in improved productivity. The fast shutdown of the vacuum pump and the greatly improved process cycle times also contribute to the throughput and productivity of the system. Equipped with a touch-screen PC user interface, the P15V-M system offers a wide range of control options and data acquisition. Plasma processes can still be easily switched from batch to batch, ensuring high throughput of various HDI, flexible and rigid PCBs. Further attractive features for us are the small footprint and low operating costs of the system.

We are very happy about the new plant, it is a real enrichment for our production and will completely replace our previous plasma plant in the medium term. All new investments in our production area support us in our goal of growing technologically and successively increasing our output.