New addition to the machine park: ILFA invests in Schmoll drilling and milling machine A-RMXY2-60S-CCD

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Our latest addition to our machinery and equipment is used in our department for drilling and milling technology (BFT): The A-RMXY2-60S-CCD from Schmoll Maschinen GmbH. With its performance and equipment, the drilling and milling machine is also a real high-end solution in other respects. We are only the second PCB manufacturer in Europe to use this machine with numerous additional applications in production. With it, we realise high-precision depth milling with a tolerance of +/- 5 µm. A high-resolution CCD camera is used for optical registration, which automatically detects a wide variety of surfaces such as copper, tin or gold.

The Schmoll A-RMXY2-60S-CCD drilling and milling machine on delivery in Hanover

The system also has an automatic loading and unloading system. Thus, only the loading has to be taken care of, the drilling and milling machine performs its tasks autonomously and up to 10 different product configurations can be run. The drilling or milling depth is controlled by an integrated measuring system in the Z-axis motor. In our equipment version, the machine also has a vacuum adapter and a measuring probe (touch probe).

The automatic loader and unloader with 2×10 levels
The system with the control unit

Thanks to the high precision in depth milling, the machine supports us specifically on our technological growth course, which envisages investments in the double-digit millions for the Hanover location. In the first step, the drilling and milling machine will support us in the production of printed circuit boards for sensitive medical technology.

The drilling and milling machine A-RMXY2-60S-CCD in use in our BFT department