Future day for girls and boys at ILFA

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We welcomed a total of twelve young people on Girls’ and Boys’ Day, the day of the future. They were able to prove themselves in practice, solve a rally with various tasks together and thus also take an intensive look behind the scenes at ILFA. It was an entertaining day for all participants, boredom was guaranteed not to arise! The day started with a round of introductions and a safety briefing so that the girls and boys could move around safely in our production.

Die Kinder in der BFT-Abteilung bei ILFA
During the “ILFA Rally”, various tasks had to be solved. It was good to be able to ask the staff about them.
Die Kinder beim Löten
In the practical task, the children soldered together a reaction meter themselves under supervision
Unterstützung bei den Lötarbeiten
Of course, our colleagues have given active support

Most of the children had a soldering iron in their hands for the first time. With the support of our colleagues, the handling was practised, the components explained and then a digital reaction meter soldered together. At the end of the day, each child had their own reaction meter, which invited them to compete for the fastest reaction. Of course, they were also allowed to take it home.

Die Kinder beim Lösen der Aufgaben
Everywhere in the company there were tasks and various solution aids
Mittags gab es Pizza
At lunchtime there was pizza for everyone – the many impressions made them hungry

The children came into contact with many of our colleagues and thus also got to know numerous job profiles from the printed circuit board industry. Of course, many questions were asked, machines and systems were inspected and one or two things were even tried out.

Die Vorführung bei einem Fingertester
Among other things, the children were shown how a finger tester works for testing printed circuit boards.
Happy faces among the children and carers after the Future Day at ILFA

We hope that the young people will be able to draw on their experiences with us for a long time to come and talk positively about them at school. We are already looking forward to the next Future Day and who knows: Maybe we will see one of the children again in our company in a few years?

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