People at ILFA: Liseth Rodenberg

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She is young, always in a great mood, speaks five languages fluently and has already traveled half the world. Liseth joined our trading team in the purchasing department in May 2021. Born and raised in Ecuador, she completed her studies in China with a Bachelor’s degree in international business and economics. She has now been living in Germany for almost 2 years and feels completely at home here.

Liseth Villacres, purchasing manager, in front of ILFA headquarters

Due to her previous position as “Import Coordinator” she has extensive knowledge in the logistics industry. The daily interaction with our international customers is easy for her, as she speaks English, Spanish, German, Chinese and Arabic.

So it’s no surprise that traveling is one of her great passions. So far she has been to China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Austria and France. And there are many more countries and places she wants to travel to.

Liseth Villacres in portrait

“My next big destination is Africa. I’ve been dreaming about that for quite a long time.”

Besides traveling, her hobbies include music (especially Latin) and sports. So she is a real bundle of energy. And with her always cheerful nature, she keeps the team and her customers in a good mood. We are already very excited to hear what she will tell us about her next trips.

And what does she particularly like about ILFA? “What I appreciate most is the flexibility offered by the flexitime model and the really great cohesion and support from the whole team. ILFA has very short decision-making paths and you rarely have to wait for answers,” she tells us openly and with a hearty laugh. “The PCB product is also very exciting and continues to develop, even though the market situation is currently very tense. However, it was easy for me to get started in this field because I received training that was easy to understand.” Liseth tells us and we are happy that she is with us.