Getting a taste of different professions – ILFA takes part in “Internship Week”

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5 days, 5 professions, 5 companies – this is the motto of the “Internship Week“, which is offered at the beginning of the summer holidays in about 100 regions in Germany. Pupils can register free of charge, select their desired occupational fields and are then suggested companies from their region that offer corresponding internships. We also took part as the organising company and were able to offer 3 young people an insight into the typical fields of activity at ILFA.

We were immediately convinced by the basic idea, because it is very difficult for pupils to estimate in advance what they can expect from an apprenticeship and what their future tasks will be. With the “internship week”, students can get a very low-threshold look at different professions and companies and form an opinion, because it also needs to be well thought out where the journey should go professionally.

Soldering requires patience and a sure touch
Our trainees solder together their own reaction tester

Of course, we were happy to take the time to prepare tasks, assign supervisors and organise a colourful and entertaining internship day for the students. First of all, there was a short introduction to the company and the supervisors. This was followed by a short safety briefing and a short training entitled: “What is a printed circuit board? Then it was on to a soldering task, where an electronic reaction tester had to be assembled from individual components. After an extensive lunch break, the interns were then able to actively work in our quality testing department. Here they learned how to work with the “finger tester” and were then able to look for and mark faults on printed circuit boards under the microscope.

A recation tester shortly before completion
One of our trainees with supervisor in front of the flying probe finger tester

For us, the effort was worth it and we had a lot of fun showing the young people what we work on every day. We were happy to show them the prospects for an apprenticeship, a dual study programme or a job with us. Three young trainees will soon be starting with us again and it is important to us that they have a good start and that they also enjoy our work.

Working at the microscope requires a lot of concentration, otherwise you quickly overlook small mistakes

We got good feedback from our interns for their internship day. So it was definitely worth it for us and maybe we’ll see one or two of them back with us soon. In any case, there is no such thing as boredom with us and working with high-tech PCBs is always exciting – we promise!