New addition to ILFA’s machine park: UCE DES line

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The latest addition to our machine park required a total of three overseas containers, which were delivered and unloaded within one day. You could already guess that the new wet machine would be big, and that’s how it turned out: The DES line from the Asian manufacturer UCE has a total length of 23 meters. We had previously carried out some conversion work in the area so that the line could be optimally integrated into our production.

When the first container was unloaded, it was still pitch dark
Preparation of the surface for the new wet machine

Once again, the team from Viking Test Ltd. actively supported us during the installation. The English service provider for PCB services and machine equipment is one of the market leaders in its segment and has already implemented several projects with us, most recently the installation of our new solder resist developer.

At the next container it had become light in the meantime
In the meantime, the delivery took up almost the entire depot

The new DES line brings us another big step forward in the production of our printed circuit boards: In the first step, we develop the exposed blanks here that come from photo printing. These are mainly inner layers, which are required for the production of our multilayer printed circuit boards. In the second stage, the conductor pattern is structured using an acid etch by etching out the excess copper. In the final stage, the photoresist is stripped to remove unwanted photoresist layers from the surface.

The complete DES line is 23 meters long
The stripping module to the end of the DES line

The new line enables us to reliably work out fine structures and reduces the manual handling effort for our printed circuit boards. It enables us to reliably produce demanding technologies such as HDI circuit boards with thin flex cores. When we have fully commissioned the line shortly, we will be able to produce around 3,500 inner layers for multilayer printed circuit boards per day.

Here we have a short video about our new DES line: