People at ILFA: Andy de Kimpe

Das Einzige, was aus Belgien kommt, sind Schokolade, Pommes Frites und Waffeln? Und die einzig bekannten Personen von dort sind Eddy Merckx, Hercule Poirot und Jean Claude van Damme? Nicht ganz, denn wir kennen immerhin noch Andy und der kommt gebürtig aus Dendermonde in der belgischen Provinz Ostflandern.

People at ILFA: Sven Schwerdtfeger

There are straight career paths, there are colorful employment biographies, and there are people who have already done various jobs and nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, know exactly where they actually want to go. Sven also belongs to the later category. For us, Sven is something like the famous Swiss Army Knife: versatile and always there when you need him. In the ILFA operations team, he looks after our machines, the buildings and the entire technical infrastructure.